The heart of our existence is to love God and to love others.


No part of the school’s mission can be achieved unless the school and the parents work in concert to support the child with love and consistency.


Focus Preparatory Classical School approaches education from a Christian viewpoint, employing the classical method; courses in the secondary levels are offered in a university block model. 


Our educational roots are founded in the  classical method which can be distilled down to first knowing facts, then connecting them with logic, and finally making a case for one’s position on any question. 


Pods (classrooms) consist of multi-age learning groups spanning approximately three grade levels.  Here relational skills, discernment, and confidence are woven together in building future leaders and learners.  These three traits are developed by

(1) Peer tutoring - ‘Learn it. Do it. Teach it.’

(2) De-emphasized use of technology in the lower grades in favor of talking, doing, and interacting

(3) Believing that succeeding in a challenging task makes one stronger and brings joy. 


The secondary level is designed towards each child’s unique gift.  Course plans seek to prepare the student for God’s will for his or her life.  This includes strong academic preparedness for college, mentorships in one’s chosen field, technology training, character building, and Biblical knowledge and worldview. 


Finally, we believe that healthy minds work best in healthy bodies, and we are responsible for the health and good stewardship of the earth.