Hybrid Homeschool Monthly Tuition:  Due the first day of classes for that month


 $40/mo.               1-hour class, with classes meeting once per week

$50/mo.               1½ -hour class, with classes meeting once per week

$16/wk.                ½– hour private music lesson, meeting once per week

$65/mo.               1 ½ -hour high school science, meeting at the beginning of the week 

plus a separate 1-2-hour lab, included in this rate


NOTE:  The month of August (only) has a pro-rated tuition, to make it more affordable for families in the month that fees below are due.  For the 2019-2020 school year, August's tuition will be half the regular monthly tuition.


There is a 5-day grace period for tuition.  After that, a $25 late fee will be added to the amount due.


Hybrid Homeschool Fees:  Due at time of Registration


$10/yr.                Registration Fee per course

$30/yr.                Book & Classroom Materials Fee per class

$25/yr.                Facility Fee per family

$40/yr.                Lab Fee for 7th-12th science labs

$50/yr                 Travel Fee for Texas History*


*There may be a separate cost for particular class trips which will be communicated near the time of the event.


All tuition and fees are nonrefundable.   


Because tuition is primarily what pays the teachers that are engaged for the semester, withdrawal carries a fee of two months’ tuition of whatever is being withdrawn.