Dialectic and Rhetoric Class Descriptions


All classes will include teaching one day a week (usually Mondays) with homework assigned during the week and brought back to be graded the following week.  Number grades will be given, and a transcript from Focus Preparatory will be available to show credits earned and GPA.


Algebra I

Although you might not think so at first, algebra is used all around us.  The skills you learn in this high school credit class, using the textbook Saxon Algebra I, will help you for the rest of your life.  Topics covered include absolute value, like terms, introductory geometry, exponents, word problems, inequalities, square roots, solving single and multi-variable equations, polynomials, graphing, scientific notation, quadratic equations, and much more.  Grades 8-10, must have completed Pre-Algebra or 8th Grade Math.  Course taught by Janet Meier.


Algebra II

The high school plans of educated students should definitely include Algebra II.  This course takes the basic concepts learned in Algebra I and applies them to a myriad of applications.  In fact, Algebra II teaches the skills needed for high school Physics and almost all college science courses.  Topics covered include solving systems of equations, radicals, advanced graphing, rates, circles, chemistry problems, uniform motion, force vectors, complex numbers, variable relationships, exponential equations, logarithms, permutations, statistics, probability, and much more.  Grades 10-12, must have completed Algebra I.  Course taught by Tiffeny Howe.


Physical Science with Lab

This course is basically an introductory physics and chemistry course, sometimes called IPC.  Learning the concepts now will prepare you for those upper-level sciences so that later it's not like learning a whole new language.  We will learn about atoms, molecules, temperature, pressure, phase changes, chemical reactions, forces, energy, velocity, acceleration, electromagnetism, sound, light, and basic astronomy, among other things.  This course will include lab activities to practice what we are learning through simple experiments.  Grades 8-9.  Course taught by Tiffeny Howe.


Chemistry with Lab

Welcome to the world of chemistry!  This course opens the physical universe to our inspection.  We learn details about matter, energy, and how they interact on a microscopic and industrial scope.  The labs are some of the best science you will do as a high schooler.  Be prepared to study hard and feel a real sense of accomplishment when your teacher presents you with a cool piece of chemistry equipment at the end of year celebration.  Grades 10-12, must have completed Algebra I at a minimum; also a Lab Fee.  Course taught by Tiffeny Howe.


Spanish II

Bienvenidos!  In this class, students will continue their exploration of the Spanish language.  We will add to our vocabulary of words to be used in real conversations, as well as learn commands and other verb tenses.  Students who successfully complete Spanish II are not only ready for college Spanish, if they so choose, but can also express exactly what they want to say in daily conversation.  Grades 10-12, must have completed high school level Spanish I.  Course taught by Tiffeny Howe.



Middle School English

This course provides a wonderful foundation in spelling, grammar, and the writing process.  It emphasizes simple but useful composition and language strategies with great opportunities for modeling practical, real-world writing situations, enabling students to improve their skills at communicating in writing.  Students will experience a variety of appropriate reading selections and will be systematically walked through the critical thinking process with comprehension techniques at their level, as well as note-taking instruction.  Course taught by P. J. Burton. 


High School English

This course emphasizes the continued application of core skills  in the area of English, which will cover reading, writing, speaking, listening, and critical thinking.  Students reinforce their skills by formulating clearly written sentences and applying the correct usage of grammar in their written work.  Students will continue to refine their writing skills by using the writing process to compose core writing assignments and to respond to timed writing prompts as well as training on information gathering and research paper preparation.  The comprehensive study of literature will focus on the analysis of short stories, nonfiction, poetry, drama, and novels. Course taught by P. J. Burton.


Texas History

This is going to be the most awesome history class you've ever taken.  We are going to study the history of Texas and the six flags it has been under (or maybe more!), as well as its geography.  When you learn why it is the 'boldest and grandest' in so many ways, you'll want to let out a "Yee-haw!"  Not only that, but since we are in a central location, we're going to take class on the road.  The plan is to spend alternating weeks in the classroom and then going to visit a Texas history location.  This class can be taken as a middle school student or for high school credit, high schoolers will learn at a higher level.  (Also a Travel fee.)  Course is co-taught by Tiffeny Howe and P. J. Burton.



Private music lessons return to Focus Prep!  We are excited to have an independent music teacher coming to our school to offer music lessons in a convenient location.  A great music foundation, covering areas such as note reading, rhythm counting, music theory, and ear training will be integrated into 30-minute lessons on the piano or violin.  $16 per half hour lesson, paid separately from school tuition.  Lessons taught by Esther Deladurantey.


See the teacher bios to find out more about our excellent instructors.