Dialectic and Rhetoric Class Descriptions


All classes will include teaching on Mondays with homework assigned during the week and brought back to be graded the following week.  Number grades will be given, and a transcript from Focus Preparatory will be available to show credits earned and GPA.



Multiple grade levels will explore literature, writing, and grammar together in this class.  The grammar exercises are based on whatever grade level the student is, while literature selections are not from a literature textbook, but real books coordinated from the Tapestry of Grace curriculum.  And the writing--just wait and see!  Writing will not just be for an assignment--it will be a whole new experience!  Grades 7-12



Focus Preparatory studies history in a rotation, so this year we are focusing on Early Modern History.  The course is based on Tapestry of Grace's Year 3, and will be a multi-grade class with assignments of graduated difficulty according to the student's ability.  It covers Napoleon, the Industrial Revolution, the American Pioneer Movement, the Victorian Era, early Communism, the American Civil War, Immigration, and everything in between.  There is a significant reading load, and classes encourage lots of discussion.  Come discover this fascinating era of history!  Grades 7-12


Mapping the World by Heart

This is a truly classical Geography course.  Not only will students learn about cultures, the globe, current issues, and awesome map skills, but also they will be able to draw from memory a map that shows as much as possible of their understanding of the outlines of all continents, plus the world's countries, major cities, larger islands, important rivers, and bodies of water by the end of the year.  Wow!

No artistic talent required.  Grades 7-12


Mystery Literature and Writing

Discover your inner sleuth as we search for clues and explore the Mystery genre.  You will be a witness as we investigate Mystery Greats, examine evidence, make brilliant deductions, and pen a children's mystery book.  A love of reading, deducing, and writing is a must for this class.     You may have an alibi, but if you do not join us, it will be a CRIME!  Grades 10-12



Come learn about the up-and-coming field of robotics with our experienced robotics coach.  You will design, program, and build a robot, going through multiple stages of testing and inventive problem-solving with your team.  There will be at least two competitions in the spring to match your robot against rivals in the central Texas area.  Be there!


Algebra I

Although you might not thinks so at first, algebra is used all around us.  The skills you learn in this high school credit class, using the textbook Saxon Algebra I, will help you for the rest of your life.  Topics covered include absolute value, like terms, basic geometry, exponents, work problems, inequalities, square roots, solving single and multi-variable equations, polynomials, graphing, scientific notation, basic geometry, quadratic equations, and much more.  Grades 8-10, must have completed Pre-Algebra or 8th Grade Math


Physical Science

This course is basically an introductory physics and chemistry course, sometimes called IPC.  Learning the concepts now will prepare you for those upper-level sciences so that later it's not like learning a whole new language.  We will learn about atoms, molecules, temperature, pressure, phase changes, chemical reactions, forces, energy, velocity, acceleration, electromagnetism, sound, light, and basic astronomy, among other things.  This course has a required lab to practice what we are learning through experiments.  Grades 8-9


Algebra II

All high school plans of an educated students need to include Algebra II.  This course takes the basic concepts learned in Algebra I and applies them to a myriad of applications.  In fact, Algebra II teaches the skills needed for high school Physics and almost all college science courses.  Topics covered include solving systems of equations, radicals, advanced graphing, rates, circles, chemistry problems, uniform motion, force vectors, complex numbers, variable relationships, exponential equations, logarithms, permutations, statistics, probability, and much more.  Grades 10-12, must have completed Algebra I



Welcome to the world of chemistry!  This course opens the physical universe to our inspection.  We learn details about matter, energy, and how they interact on a microscopic and industrial scope.  These labs are some of the best science you will do as a high schooler.  Be prepared to study hard and feel a real sense of accomplishment when your teacher presents you with a cool piece of chemistry equipment at the end of year celebration.  Grades 10-12, must have completed Algebra I at a minimum


Human Anatomy & Physiology

If the medical sciences interest you, or even if you just want to learn about the amazing body you have, this upper level anatomy and physiology course is a must.  You will delve deep into the human body, its structure and functions from the whole body perspective down to how specific chemicals and electrical messages cause important body processes.  Labs are done right after class and will involve a few dissections.  Grades 11-12, must have completed Biology