Dialectic and Rhetoric Class Descriptions


All classes will include teaching one day a week (usually Mondays) with homework assigned during the week and brought back to be graded the following week.  Number grades will be given, and a transcript from Focus Preparatory will be available to show credits earned and GPA.



Multiple grade levels will explore literature, writing, and grammar together in this class.  The grammar exercises are based on whatever grade level the student is, while literature selections are not from a literature textbook, but real books similar to those used in Sunlight and Tapestry of Grace curriculums.  And the writing--just wait and see!  Writing will not just be for an assignment--it will be a whole new experience!  Grades 7-9



The skills you learn in this class, using the textbook Saxon Algebra 1/2, will set the foundation for all future maths.  Topics covered include absolute value, like terms, basic geometry, exponents, work problems, inequalities, square roots, solving single and multi-variable equations, polynomials, graphing, scientific notation, basic geometry, quadratic equations, and much more.  Grades 7-9, must have completed 7th Grade Math


Biology with Lab

High school biology opens your eyes to the amazing design in the world around you.  This class includes a lab where we investigate the concepts covered in class, including:  the cell, bacteria and other microscopic life, classification, biological processes such as mitosis and osmosis, DNA, population and migration, fungi, plants, and animals.  Evolution is discussed to explain its concepts, but a creationist perspective prevails.  Note:  Quite a few dissections are done in the lab portion of this course.  The human body is covered later in a different class, Human Anatomy and Physiology.  


Spanish I

Bienvenidos a la clase de español.  If you've ever wanted to know what people are saying in Spanish and how to speak it yourself, you need this class!  We learn about activities, the home, families, food, school, hobbies, animals, jobs, businesses, clothing, and all the verbs and descriptive words to go with them.  In this class, you learn to put together sentences and the grammar you need to be able to say in Spanish what you are thinking in English!  This is not your regular conversational Spanish class that goes over counting and the colors, although we do cover those; it's a true high school credit class with homework and tests.  So join us and amaze your friends by learning a language that is everywhere around you in Texas!



Geometry is like a whole different math language.  Besides a deeper study of shapes, angles, and three-dimensional figures, you will use logic to write step-by-step proofs of mathematical concepts.  There will be extensive mathematical constructions, which are precise drawings with a compass.  We also apply geometry concepts to areas such as art, geography, and construction.  Also, you will need a protractor, a good adjustable compass preferably made of metal, and a scientific (not graphing) calculator.  This is a rigorous high school class and requires you at least having had Pre-Algebra, with Algebra I preferred.


Human Anatomy & Physiology with Lab

If the medical sciences interest you, or even if you just want to learn about the amazing body you have, this upper level anatomy and physiology course is a must.  You will delve deep into the human body, its structure and functions from the whole body perspective down to how specific chemicals and electrical messages cause important body processes.  Labs are done right after class and will involve a few dissections.  Grades 11-12, must have completed Biology


Physics with Lab

Physics is all about fundamentals in the universe.  We learn what happens when things collide, why objects are attracted to one another, and how to apply math to scenarios like these to describe and predict what will happen.  Topics covered include:  velocity, acceleration, gravity, projectiles, forces, friction, circular motion, energy, momentum, simple machines, periodic motion, electricity, magnetism, light, and much more!  Labs give hands-on experience with what we learn in class.  Prerequisite:  Algebra II, or Geometry if concurrently enrolled in Algebra II



Come learn about the up-and-coming field of robotics with other homeschoolers.  You will design, program, and build a robot, going through multiple stages of testing and inventive problem-solving with your team.  There will be at least two competitions in the spring to match your robot against rivals in the central Texas area.  Be there!