7th – 12th Grades

These courses are academically rigorous.  At each class, the new concepts are taught that are needed for the week.  Then, homework is assigned for students to complete at home and bring back the next class.  For the more difficult courses, parents should anticipate engaging a tutor or commit to learning the material along with the student from the beginning of the year.  It is the parents' responsibility to see that the student completes his/her work, and it is the student's responsibility to do the work with a positive attitude.


For all science courses, labs are not optional.  There is a Lab Supply Fee for the classes with labs.




Mondays   Dialectic 7th-9th


  8:30-10:00   Physical Science

     1:00-2:30   Algebra I

     2:30-4:00   Middle School English 




 9:30-11:00   Texas History*

                      *Times and locations may vary


Mondays    Rhetoric   10th-12th


10:00-11:30     Algebra II 

 11:30-1:00      High School English

  1:00-2:30      Spanish II 

  2:30-4:00     Chemistry class

  4:00-5:30     Chemistry lab




 9:30-11:00   Texas History*

                      *Times and locations may vary



Note:  Minimum of 4 students must be met for classes to form.  Email us at to express interest or to check on status of enrollment.