GRAMMAR SCHOOL (1st – 6th)


The Hybrid Homeschool Grammar School Classes are meant to supplement a regular curriculum at home; there is rarely any homework, except for putting into practice what was learned.  Material is presented by an experienced teacher, and learning is made fun with songs, discussions, and creative teaching.  Classes are one hour in length (a few are 1 1/2 hours), with a short intermission for younger students. 



 8:30-10:00       Hands-On Ancient History
All morning   Individually scheduled Piano Lessons
11:30-12:00       P.E.

12:00-1:30        6th & 7th Grade Math
12:30-1:30        Art
1:30-3:00          Investigating God's Animals
3:00-4:00         Hablo Español


Note:  Minimum of 4 students must be met for classes to form.  Email us at to express interest or to check on status of enrollment.