Dress Code

Our goal with clothing is to bring glory to God, to be comfortable while learning, and to look professional to prepare for college and future careers.  Teachers and students alike will follow a professional dress code.  We want this to be very clear and openly stated.

Pants –  Shorts and skirts/dresses are allowed, no shorter than 6 in. above the middle of the knee.  If a skirt is worn above the knee, shorts should to be under it.  Pants can be jeans, khakis, etc., but no skin-tight legging-type stretch pants should be worn without having a skirt or dress following the 6-in. above the knee rule to cover them.

Shirts – should look nice with no non-Christian writing, logos, holes, or cut-outs.  No tank-tops, spaghetti straps, or shirts with midriff showing are allowed.  If a shirt is sheer or see-through fabric, the undershirt must also follow dress code (no tank tops, etc.). 

General Rules for All Days –

·         No holes or obvious stains

·         Hats should be removed in the school building

·         Clothes should not be tight, no cleavage showing, and shoulders must be covered (no tank tops, visible undergarments, holes, or cut-outs)

·         Hair and clothes should not be startling or interruptive to learning, including mohawks or un-natural colors of dyed hair.  Only themes consistent with being a Christian are allowed.

·         No piercings, except for girls’ earrings

·         No outrageous make-up or items that distract from learning

·         Boys should not have long hair past their collars. 

·         Shoes should be practical for walking: no flip-flops or beach-type shoes, and no high heels.  Non-startling boots are allowed (no platform, biker, very tall lace-up, go-go type boots, etc.), but keep in mind that students may be participating in gym time, so sneaker-type shoes are recommended. 

·         If a person already has a tattoo, we ask that it be covered.  Refrain from getting additional tattoos.

If anyone does not follow these rules, they will have to change into a different set of clothes/shoes which will be provided from the office.  In addition, a note will be sent home as a reminder, and the student may lose a privilege for that week.  If compliance becomes an issue (after more than 3 times) for one student, fees may be charged.