Students must bring their own lunches.  Lunches should be labeled with the owner’s name. A refrigerator and a microwave or toaster oven will be provided. The students are also responsible for clean-up.

Mobile Classroom

If the host church needs the building during school hours, we may have a mobile classroom day.  This is when the whole school packs up their schoolwork and goes somewhere else to do school, like at a park.  This is a privilege; if a student’s behavior is anything below excellent on a mobile learning expedition, he or she will not be allowed to go on the next one.  She or he will be given an assignment in an alternative place—usually at home—instead.

     A permission slip—including a statement releasing the school and its employees from liability –  will be sent home in advance if there is a mobile classroom day.  It must be returned, signed, by the day before the trip. Volunteers will be needed as chaperones/drivers, and there will sometimes be small fees for admission and/or transportation.

Promoting Healthy Lifestyles

Our school promotes healthy lifestyles, not because it is popular or unpopular but because we want to be ready and able to do what God has purposed for our lives.   The following guidelines are in place. 

1)    Healthy snacks, lunches, and refreshments are encouraged. 

2)    Only one dessert or type of sugary snack will be served at birthdays or any school celebration.  Any party-like event must be approved by the principal, and the ‘only one dessert or sugary snack’ rule will apply there as well. 

3)   If a class member has a food allergy or dietary restriction, please have an alternative available.  If it is a potentially life-threatening allergy, parents will be notified and the class will have special restrictions to follow.  Don’t forget to do to others as you would have them do to you. 

4)    No sodas, energy drinks, red kool-aid, or red sugary drinks are allowed during school including red sports drinks.  Carbonated flavored water is allowed, as long as it is not red.  

Environmental Responsibility

We believe that God made the world and gave man the special responsibility of stewardship of the earth.  We practice energy and resource conservation, recycling, and composting.


At this time, school-sponsored athletics are not available.  We do promote physical activity by having P.E. classes.  If more is desired, we encourage students to take advantage of sports opportunities available in the community or by other Christian leagues in the area.  


Parents are encouraged to visit school on regular classroom days from time to time.  All visitors must first report to the school office and sign in.  They may be asked to present a valid government-issued I.D.  Student-aged friends and relatives are not allowed.  All visitors must be polite in dealing with school staff.  As with students and school staff, visitors are not permitted to be disrespectful, threatening, abusive, lewd, or profane.  While we encourage parents to be involved in their children’s education, if frequent and lengthy visits to the classroom become disruptive to teaching and learning, the principal or school board can limit or restrict the frequency and duration of classroom visits in order to support the learning process.  On the other hand, if a teacher needs help in the classroom, she/he can certainly request a parent to be there, especially for hands-on or active projects.

Standardized Testing

The last week of May is when the Iowa Test of Basic Skills is offered.  This test is simply given to identify strengths and areas that need improvement.  It does not affect the student’s academic grades, nor do students study or prepare for it in any way.  It simply offers a snapshot of where the student is, academically.  Students in 9th-11th grades are encouraged to take the PSAT in place of the ITBS; in 11th-12th grades, the SAT and ACT are often taken instead of the ITBS.  Office staff will order the Iowa test, but families must pay for these tests individually at the time they are ordered.

End of School Celebration

     Each year we have an end-of-the-year program for all grades to celebrate the students’ accomplishments. Students will be presented with awards, as well as demonstrate skills and knowledge they have learned. 

Faculty and Staff

All faculty and staff are chosen because of their love of kids and their gift for relating wisdom to them.  The hiring process is filled with communication and prayer.  On the spiritual side, the teachers have a strong personal relationship with Christ and a Biblical foundation.  On the academic side, teachers have a degree or college experience.  All staff provide references and undergo a background check.  Please support these wonderful teachers by giving help and encouragement whenever you can.