Progress and Grades


Students will be graded for their work. Progress reports will be sent out after the first half of a quarter, and report cards will be sent out at the end of every quarter.


Academic report cards are skills-based.  Each class has specific skills that must be mastered.  If a student has not demonstrated mastery of a subject, even if she/he did not ‘fail’, that subject may need to be repeated.  Grades will be given according to the following scale:


     A      90-100        Excellent – student goes beyond what was expected


     B       80-89        Good – student has mastered the material


     C       70-79        Fair – student needs help to fully understand the material


     F     below 70   Poor – student must repeat the class and might need to consider a different



 Number grades for each subject are given for the Dialectic and Rhetoric Pods.  High school transcripts are available upon request of the parents or student. Three business days’ notice should be given. 


If a student is making below a 60 in any subject on a progress report or quarterly report card, they will be dropped from the class.  A student may also be dropped from a class if their behavior or attitudes are not pro-learning.   


Each student can meet at a Pilot Conference with their teacher(s) and parents in October and/or February to review their individual academic progress. 


If a teacher would like to offer out-of-class tutoring, she/he will arrange that independently of Focus Preparatory, and families should expect to pay the going rate.