Attendance and Sick Policy


You need to come to school each day that it is open, or you will miss some important things.


If you have to be absent, bring a note signed by your parent telling why you were absent.  It is excused to be absent if you:

       Are sick

       Have a death in the family

       Have a doctor’s appointment that can’t be done at a different time


These are not good reasons to be absent:

       Private lessons

Going on vacation

       Injured, but the doctor has said you can come to school

An excused absence is allowed the same number of days that you are absent to make up your missing schoolwork.  An unexcused absence is not allowed to have schoolwork made up afterwards.  This will give you bad grades for those days.


Be on time to school five minutes before your class begins.  If you are late or absent (unexcused) more than 3 times per semester, your parents will have a fee added to their bill. 

Do not come to school if you have a contagious illness.  Also, if you have a fever, vomiting, or diarrhea, then wait until you are clear of those for 24 hours before coming back to school.  If your family gets lice, have it treated before coming back to school.  Don’t share hairbrushes or hats.


NOTE:  This is a simplified version of school policies, written for the elementary level.  For detailed rules, see the Dialectic and Rhetoric Handbook.