School Rules


1.  Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

       What are some things this rule means?  Share and take turns.  It also means don’t take others’ things without permission.  No teasing or bullying.


2.  Be safe.

       What are some things this rule means?  Don’t talk to strangers unless your teacher says it is allowed.  Stay on the school property, not in the street.  Wash your hands.  No weapons (not even pocket knives) or criminal actions like having illegal drugs.


3.  Respect others.

       What are some things this rule means?  Say, “Yes sir,” and “Yes ma’am,” or “No sir,” and “No ma’am,” to adults.  Keep your hands to yourself.  Do your own work.


4.  Do everything as unto the Lord.

        What are some things this rule means?  Turn in your work on time and neatly done.  No cheating.  Obey the teacher and follow the class rules.  Use good manners.  If you take out something, put it back.  Do not say bad words or write bad things.




If you choose not to follow a school rule, there will be consequences.  You may have to:

-         Lose a privilege

-         Be sent to a “Time Out” area

-         Be given an unpleasant chore or task like writing sentences

-         Have your parents called

-         Write a letter of apology

-         Pay for it if you break something

-         Have a parent-teacher meeting called

-         Get a grade of 0 if it is related to schoolwork

-         Be sent home for 1 to 3 days

These things are not allowed by any student here.

-         Bringing a gun to school

-         Bringing alcohol or illegal drugs to school

-         Hurting people (on purpose), like in a fight

-         Cheating (on purpose)


NOTE:  This is a simplified version of school policies, written for the elementary level.  For detailed rules, see the Dialectic and Rhetoric Handbook.