Bring your own lunch.  Make sure it has your name on it.  There is a refrigerator, microwave, and toaster oven if you need it.  Everyone helps clean up after eating.

The Environment

God made the world.  He wants us to take care of it.  We try to be responsible towards the environment.  Think of some ways you and your class can do this.

Being Healthy

Eating healthy food and exercising helps us grow.  It also helps us serve others and do our jobs well.  What can you do to be healthy?

Try to eat fruits and vegetables and healthy snacks.

No sodas, energy drinks, or red drinks at school.  Carbonated flavored water is allowed.

Only one dessert or sugary snack may be served at birthdays or school events.

Mobile Classroom Days

Sometimes, we may have a mobile classroom day if the church where we meet needs their building.  Mobile classroom days are when the whole class packs up their schoolwork and goes somewhere else to do school, like a park.  Everyone must behave and follow the teacher’s directions, or they will not be allowed to go next time.  You have to have a permission form filled out by your parents or guardians.  Maybe they can come, too.  It’s fun!

If a parent wants to come visit your class, that is okay as long as they check in at the office with their I.D.  Of course, they have to obey the school rules too – do unto others as you would have them do unto you, be safe, respect others, and do everything as to the Lord.  Kids that are around your age cannot come as class visitors.


Near the end of the school year, grades 4 and up can take an assessment called the Iowa Test of Basic Skills, if their parents choose.  This is to see how far you’ve come that school year and to see what is needed for the next year.  Don’t worry, you cannot fail it.  It’s just to see where each student is—it’s even kind of fun to challenge yourself.

End of School Celebration

After the last class of school, we will have a celebration.  You will get awards and show what you have learned.  Your friends and family can come celebrate, and we will have snacks.  What a great way to end the school year!

NOTE:  This is a simplified version of school policies, written for the elementary level.  For detailed rules, see the Dialectic and Rhetoric Handbook.